Probably Will

from by Cobes

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Just another day in the manner,
Praying that tomorrow won't get madder but
it probably will
A voice said to realize ya dreams
Just believe it ain't as hard as it seems an
Ya probably will
Made it even tho u they said we wouldn't
Feel like showing off
even though I shouldn't,
I probably will
Targeted some false prophets to kill
Just the fact they think I won't means I probably will

I'm from the dark side
Dark skies
Grey clouds
Ask why
My heart cries
My eyes can't
There past dry
From hard times

It's too much
Been used up
Beat down
And bruised up
And Chewed up
And spat out
I'm back now
With huge nuts

Big balls
Like King Kong
Don't sing songs
Spit strong
From krypton
Get ya umbrellas out,
Or u get pissed on

Ain't no games
I don't play
I'm too ruff
I'm O.J.
Ain't no way
Or no chance
I won't blow
I'm so great

They're so late
Been there
Done dat
I'm in there
Like swimwear
They split hairs
I split skulls
They get scared

When I laugh
Cos my heart
Gets quite dark
When I start
Strike hard
from way down
Great white shark

Black knight
Rap tight
Crash shows
Smash mics
These fat c*nts
Get slapped once
Then die slow
Don't act hype

Got cold
Been on road
For so long
I'm a lost soul
Lost cause
Wanna cross swords
Send em up north
To the cross roads

It's all mad
Been called mad
Called sh*t
And called bad
Called boog
It's all good
In your hood
I'm called Dad

I'm called Boss
And your not
Your p*ssed
Cos your lot
Can't touch dis
Who the f'**ks dis
Get a bus lip
There all soft

An I'm hard
My scars
Are so deep
That my bars
Worth more
Like fine art
Or fine wine
Your Primark

Why bark
If u don't bite
Why start
If you don't fight
That's why I don't like
None of these frauds
Get me so hype

Calm down
Cos the arms house
Is all fun
When it starts out
When it's too real
Want the blue pill
Its too late
Rip their heart out

While it still beats
Kill chiefs
Kill rap
On ill beat
Mean streak
From the mean streets
Love war
But I need peace

More harsh
On the war path
Blood baths
On the forecast
Talked hard
Should of walked past
Got the true fist
Of the north star

Or the north pole
Ice cold
My aura
Pure nitro
To raw yo
But that's how life goes,,
That's the cycle

Low life's
In the high rise
Coke price
Is sky high
Fly guys
Put the price up
Cos they can't work
So why try

Nice guys
Never come first
Drive by
See the gun burst
He was only trying to get by
But now he does dirt

Stack dough
Like a fatso
In the flats yo
And recruiting
All the Asbos
For the cash flow

For the queens head
High tings
For the weed heads
Bang bang for the chang man
And the ill pills
For the E heads

Just another day in the manner
Praying that tomorrow won't be madder but
It probably will
Way too many Tony Montana's
Swear they'll never die or get banged up but
They probably will
I get drunk til I'm literally sick
Swear to God I'll never touch another sip but
I probably will
Concrete jungle its a struggle,
Trying hard not to get myself in trouble but
I probably will


from The Mirror Man EP, released August 13, 2015
All tracks produced by Eric Electric
All lyrics written & performed by Cobes
Recorded & Mixed @ The Electric Chair
Cuts performed by Eric
All artwork designed by Cobes



all rights reserved


Cobes London, UK

Cobes is a London based rapper who has been recording and performing on the UK circuit for the past few years with the hip hop powerhouse London Zoo (aka LDZ). With a delivery forged in the fire of the drum & bass rave scene, his style of rhyming is easy to listen to but near impossible to emulate.
After numerous shows on pirate radio he was recruited by LDZ & has been recording ever since.
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