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Proper old school like method man i came to bring the pain
I make the crowd jump around like the house of pain
Bring it back like 2 Pac when he recorded pain
Or Sybok from star trek I can feel your pain

Pops told me ain't no gain without pain
Days why I play the game for all my bres that know pain
Shared pain's easier than individual pain
Suicidal blow ya brains out on the window pane

Blood n guts it's gory no glory without pain
I'd probably perform poorly without pain
What would a movie like saw be without pain,
Wouldn't know what pleasure is if ya never had pain

Maintain an insane brain filled with pain
Bill a bud a something ill trying to kill the pain
Everyday's a migraine can't escape the pain
But I ain't a bre to complain cos I can take the pain

It keeps me hungry keeps me gully keeps me trying
Pain, that makes me know that I'm alive gets me flying
Pain In there face the only thing that keeps me smiling
Pain In the neck what they call back in primary

Pain in my head if i ain't smoking I ain't irie
Pain in every muscle gotta hustle keep on climbing
Pain keeps me on my toes keeps me killing rhythms
Pain, is the only ting that really keeps me driven

Pain for breakfast, pain for lunch, pain for dinner
Pain for afters its hard but it's the diet of a winner
Pain, can change a saint into a certified sinner
Pain make ya scream please Lord let me die quicker

Pain, keeps my fire burning yearning still aspiring cos
The pain's the only ting that's guaranteed til I'm retiring
So I embrace the pain face the pain now I love the sound of pain
Blood sweat n tears necking beers just to drown the pain

No jokes I'm furious causing serious pain
Pussy clart bitches make em feel it like its period pain
Can't be scared of injury sometimes I fear the pain
Do it anyway its in the brain no such thing as pain

I need the pain or at least need to defeat the pain
No competition out here so I compete with pain
Hearing a bunch of half arsers preaching about pain
But they don't know the first thing I'll teach em bout pain

Apply the pressure til they crack til they can't take the pain
They just can't take the strain cos they ain't made for pain
Them man' ll never make the grade cos they evade the pain
Soul body mind all aligned as I train for pain

Mind over matter,climbing the ladders despite the pain
Start getting madder, feeling badder i invite the pain
Its like a taser to the navel talking major pain
The black Max Payne left the whole rap game in pain


from The Mirror Man EP, released August 13, 2015
All tracks produced by Eric Electric
All lyrics written & performed by Cobes
Recorded & Mixed @ The Electric Chair
Cuts performed by Eric
All artwork designed by Cobes



all rights reserved


Cobes London, UK

Cobes is a London based rapper who has been recording and performing on the UK circuit for the past few years with the hip hop powerhouse London Zoo (aka LDZ). With a delivery forged in the fire of the drum & bass rave scene, his style of rhyming is easy to listen to but near impossible to emulate.
After numerous shows on pirate radio he was recruited by LDZ & has been recording ever since.
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